How to Activate Roku Device

Roku streaming devices and Roku TV provide a great platform to access video streaming channels available online. About 3500+ streaming channels are available on Roku streaming devices. You can enjoy watching movies, live sports, tv shows, music and much more. Both free and paid online streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Youtube are available on Roku. You can subscribe to any of them according to your choices by using account.
Activate your Roku Device

Connecting Device
Connect the Roku Streaming Device to your smart tv. In order to connect your device to the television please follow the Quick Start Guide provided with the device.
Once the device is successfully connected, turn on your tv. Select the input channel for Roku Device. Then you will see the welcome screen. Use the select button on your Roku Device Remote to proceed.
Connect To Internet
You will see instruction on screen. Follow the instructions in order to connect to internet. Select the available network type on the network screen. Fill out the necessary details like name, password etc. of your network. Once the connection to the network is successful, Roku device may download the required software.
Get the Link Code
After completing the download, a link code will be generated and displayed on screen. Note down the link code. Go to the link using your computer or your Smartphone. On webpage enter the link code and submit.
Create Account

If you already have a Roku account just login with your details to the website. Your Device will be linked to your existing account. If you don’t have an account with Roku, Create a new one.
  1. Click on the create account link.
  2. Fill your details in the form and click continue.
  3. Add a payment method.
Note : You will be asked to provide a payment method.  Payment method is used to subscribe to the paid channels and rent or buy movies, TV shows or some other add-ons from Roku Channel Store. The payment method is safe and secure. No money will be deducted without your permission. You will only be charged when subscribe to a paid channel or buying a movie or tv show. You can create a pin for the security of the payment method.
After completing all the steps your device will be linked to your account. Now you can enjoy watching on your Roku TV.


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