How to set up your Roku TV

Roku TV is not a simple TV it is a smart TV with the additional functionality and enhanced features of a Roku streaming player. Roku TV gives access to all your entertainment sources such as a cable box, game console, antenna or streaming channels like Netflix and YouTube.

There are many popular brands in a market whose manufacturer is Roku TV’s like:

·         Hitachi Roku TV
·         Insignia Roku TV
·         TCL Roku TV
·         LG Roku TV

What makes every Roku TV GREAT?

450,000+ movies and TV episodes.
Stream just about anything – live sports, news, movies, TV shows, and music.

Guidelines Setup.

Insert battery in the remote control
Firstly insert the batteries in remote control.

Turn on the TV
When you turn on the TV then the standby indicator light below the TV screen should be ON, show that the TV has power.

Select a language
When you’re Roku TV powers on mode,the first dialog box or screen will grant you to choose a language. 

Select a country
Choose the country where you are using the TV.

Choose home use
After the select country next step is choose Set up for home use.

Choose to the Internet
Choose your internet connection either wireless network or wired network from the list of n/w and enter your password.

Download the software
If you connections is establish, then your Roku TV will download the latest version of Roku operating system software and then bootstrap.

Create a Roku account
If you have a Roku Account then Activate your Roku otherwise you can create a Roku account to Activate Roku TV.

Connect your devices
·        Connect your device, such as cable box etc. If you want to connect you Roku TV with home theater or with a sound bar then connect these as well.

·        Turn on all your connected devices.

·         Press OK and then press OK again to confirm that.Repeat this step again and again for each input until you reach the all done screen.

All steps are finished!
Now ready to start watching your favorite shows.

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