Features of Roku Express+

The Roku Express +  added the bonus of backward compatibility which helps in A/V cable connectivity to your Tv, which also works with older televisions along with great HD screens offering up-scaling to 1080p over HDMI to boot.
With 35.6 x 83.8 x 17.8mm measure, it comes with a great practical compatible remote. This works usefull  for viewers.

The Roku Express+ and the Roku Express both have too little differences. The Roku Express+ also comes with a HDMI port as well as a mini AV out jack port on the back, from which you can plug red, white and yellow cable that in turn gets plugged into the TV. These Red, Yellow, White are used for video, audio  purposes.
with Netflix  performs outstanding  Roku Express +.  With increased speed of the Roku Express +  for scrolling apps like Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube and Sling TV, is quite impressive. For Roku activation, you need roku.com/link account.

How to Troubleshoot Roku Express +
If you find your Roku streaming player working of low picture quality or buffering issue, it must be due to the network congestion.
You have to check whether your Internet Service Provider is currently experiencing any issues or not. If there are any connectivity issues, it would mean to be solved by your network provider only.
Alternatively, you could reduce usage of other devices currently accessing the internet network, such as other players, computers, game consoles, and mobile devices etc.
In case the low-quality video or buffering is experienced consistently across channels it may due to the slow network. Thus with poor wireless signals issues, the quality delivered for viewing is poor.
It would be advisable to update the speed and internet package for a great Roku streaming experience.

If you find any issues while setting up and using the Roku Express + player, visit rokucom.link our technical support team for assistance. With a 24*7 customer support lines attending to customer queries, all your queries shall be assisted.


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